Improvisation in Public Place

For my B.Arch thesis, I chronicled, studied, and reacted to improvisation in public places. I learned that by changing their environments, people are telling a story about the place. I also learned that if a space is designed well, the person won’t feel the need to change it. The site for my proposal is in Kaifan, Kuwait City.

Paraphrased from Noise Orders: Jazz, Improvisation, and Architecture, David P. Brown:

Improvisation, a negotiation between anticipated and unanticipated phenomena and a play of the familiar within processes of tradition, repetition, change.

Improvisation was threefold: I operated in an improvisational manner, studied current improvisations on the site, and proposed a framework that allows for improvisation to occur within its boundaries.

These paintings are part of my improvisational operations. I improvising through painting and design. I use the painting to test operations of addition and subtraction. I keep coming back these operations to test the current iteration with previous discoveries, keeping a healthy dialogue between the two domains.